Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tales of the Warm and Cozy with Stevie Jackson (Belle and Sebastian), Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) and friends

On Thursday, there will be an extra-special little gig at the Imperial Pub. After the 'Tales of the Uncanny' screening with Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), Do Make Say Think and Robert Lippok in Dundas Square, cross the street to 54 Dundas Street East, Toronto, for a night of singsong with Stevie Jackson of Belle Sebastian, a special visit from Owen Pallett, and friends Paul Mathew (Hidden Cameras, Tuxedo, The Low Notes), Sheila Sampath (The Airfields, CN Power), and Betty Burke (members of The Hidden Cameras, and Holly Andruchuk.)

Stevie Jackson will be in town briefly for the Neil Young tribute at Massey Hall, and we're delighted that he will take the time to swing by The Imperial to share his songs with us before returning to misty Glasgow.

The Imperial Pub is one of my favourite Toronto venues. Opened in 1944, the rustic, cozy feeling between its brick walls brings the warmth of old Toronto, with a welcoming, "steady as she goes" approach that contrasts the high heels and rising prices of the West End.

The Buffalo Builders played a string of Thursdays at the Imperial last year. When I entered the backroom to see them play, I was instantly transported to a roadside venue far from town. Behind the upright piano there is a porthole to the Ottawa Valley, and all airs are dropped. There aren't any baskets of blueberries for sale outside, but there is a late night menu, and a wide range of beverages on hand.

Caveat emptor: this will be a late night event. We will light the candles and open the curtains to the backroom at 10:30 pm, but Stevie will only be ushered onstage when the last Uncanny Tale has been told.

We hope to see you at the Imperial.


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