Saturday, June 20, 2009

Over the Moon and back to Earth

To describe the happiness we felt on Thursday would be like drawing constellations on the night sky through the flickering dark of a thunderstorm, so a simple "thank you" will have to suffice. Thank you to everyone who attended, participated in, worked at, and helped out with last week's show.

Paul Mathew and Betty Burke (Holly Andruchuk, Shaun Brodie, Maggie MacDonald) did some songs as a warm up, then Stevie Jackson and Owen Pallett each played a solo set, followed by a set of Stevie's songs backed by the whole gang, including Sheila Sampath on keys and Stef Schneider on percussion. Eric from Distorsis did the sound, Sarianna Mileski and Ben Stimpson played "bad cop, bad cop" at the door.

At the end of the night, Owen and Stevie played an unrehearsed rendition of Rocket Man, securing a day pass from the underworld for Eurydice, and inspiring the audience to sing along spontaneously- feats of equal prowess in this polite Northern nation. Here is a youtube link to the performance.

I hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did, and if you weren't there, I hope you enjoy the link.

Thanks for everything,

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