Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BB is playing the Beaver on Thursday for the 1234 V launch

Hello! This is just a quick note to let you know we are playing at the Beaver on Thursday for the 1234 V Zine launch. What is 1234 V? Have a 'look and learn' session by clicking on this link, but maybe not while you are at the office. All of the stories are true, and none are anonymous. Jo Snyder and Sarah Michaelson, the publishers of 1234 V, will be on hand to discuss the project and solicit submissions for the next issue. Jo will also be playing guitar with BB, and Sarah will DJ (Mama Cutsworth.)

In addition to my chums Sheila and Jo, BB will feature two super guest stars singing their hearts out: the now familiar Lief Mossbaugh AKA Panther Pants, and Stephanie Markowitz (pictured). Stephanie, best known for her film and theatre work, is a regular performer with The Phonemes, and appeared on keys with BB at the Tranzac last year. On Thursday you will have a chance to open your ears and receive the glorious sound of her voice. You can also wish her a happy birthday, if you are feeling bold (it's the night before the show.) Lief, who joined us for a tune at the last show, will be joining us to perform a brand new song I wrote with his powerful pipes in mind. It's called "It gotta man."

Please join us for this special night.

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