Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love it #3: Dana Snell

Dana is one of my favourite drummers. Currently playing with Gentleman Reg, and Sheezer, she also spent ten years with The Bicycles. When she's behind the kit, Dana's in complete control, but she's also clearly enjoying herself, and it's infectious.

Before running into each other at various gigs, Dana and I met in a writing seminar at the University of Toronto, led by Griffin Prize winner (and gifted/gifting educator) A.F. Moritz. While anyone who saw her on tour with the Bicycles or Reg knows what a great percussionist she is, Dana has another gift the world has yet to discover.

In Al Moritz's seminar, now eight years ago, Dana shared a work of fiction she'd been working on that had me laughing out loud with its deft social satire and surreal storyline. It's been eight years since I read the draft she shared with us in the course, but I am still waiting to see her name printed on the spine of a book- I know it's going to happen.

You can see Dana playing with Gentleman Reg every Wednesday night in February at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. The Regidency will feature different musical guests each week.

The above photo is from Dana's tour with Gentleman Reg, opening for The Hidden Cameras in the fall of 2009. The one in the wig is Reg, Dana is on the right.

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