Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get Rhythm

We have a couple of gigs coming up that we're super excited about, and the band is expanding in order to make our tall tales sound even taller.

On Sunday, October 4th, we will be playing our first Wavelength at the brand new venue The Garrison, at 1197 Dundas Street West. Comedy rappers Sherpafeast, and Brooklyn/New Orleans band Home Video will be playing, and Sean Ward will DJ between bands. Our set is at 10pm. The new venue is being opened by a former Sneaky Dee's booker, and we're very excited to be part of the festivities.

On Thursday, October 8th, we will be opening for Octoberman at their album release party at the Dakota Tavern, at 249 Ossington Avenue. The Dakota is one of our favourite venues. It's the kind of place you can expect to find great music without consulting listings in advance.

Now about the expansion of Betty Burke... We've been playing as a threesome recently, giving some the impression that we're folkies. As I explained in an earlier blog, we're actually skids (though we clean up real nice!), and when we are hanging around our respective homes amusing our ears, we're more likely to be spinning The Clash or Johnny Cash than Pete Seeger. In order to express what's on the tips of our tongues, we really need a rhythm section, and at the upcoming gigs, there will be drums!!

John Power is a Newfie from Paradise, Conception Bay, who plays with Brutal Knights and The Hidden Cameras. You may have seen him around town, wearing his "Municipal Waste" t-shirt. In keeping with the "play what you can carry" spirit, John will be kicking away at a suitcase and tapping a snare for Betty. We can't wait.

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