Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bob Wiseman

On Thursday night, July 30th, at the Gladstone, there will be a show to celebrate the re-release of Bob Wiseman's first album, In Her Dream. The album first came out 20 years ago, now the Blocks Recording Club is giving it back to the world with songs that had previously been censored. As part of the festivities, a long list of musicians will be performing songs from In Her Dream, including Final Fantasy and Mary Margaret O'Hara. We will be covering 'Gamma Ray Man,' which is right up our alley, theme-wise.

Bob is a generous and gifted songwriter, a perceptive and hilarious storyteller, and artistically he is a key contributor to a strong collective spirit in the Toronto music community. We are excited to see the show, take part, and celebrate Bob's work.

Hope to see you there,

1 comment:

  1. thank you for playing last night. switching vocals in different parts of the song gave it more life to hear again. your kind words before commencing the song, about yours truly, were moving thank you. you are a magnetic creature maggie the lives of folks are improved just by knowing you.