Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shaun touring with A.C. Newman, hitting Letterman in April

Where oh where is Shaun Brodie? Since late February, Betty's darling multi-instrumentalist-- that chap with the puckish twinkle in his eye-- has been galavanting up and down the coasts with A.C. Newman. We had the good fortune to catch the A.C. Newman show in Toronto at Lee's Palace and it was fantastic. They band is incredibly tight, which is amazing since the musicians hail from far-flung corners of North America. They will be appearing on David Letterman in mid-April. I hope they feature many close-ups of the trumpet player ;)

Betty will be playing gigs again when Shaun returns from the voyage. Our next show will take place at a super special spot in Kensington Market, Toronto, the details of which will be announced soon.

Until then, look for Shaun in various North American venues with Newman. And check out Holly Andruchuk's blog about the Monster at:
She will be playing at Lee's Palace on April 11th, so don't be a hermit, get out there and hear those prairie pipes- featuring East Toronto's Elliot Brothers on rhythm (by East Toronto, I mean the city of several million that starts at Yonge Street and ends at Scarborough, not an industrial zone in Toronto, Ohio).


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